Selasa, 25 Juni 2013


NPM    : 28210569
KELAS : 3 EB 20

            I think now dating for teenager is a reasonable. But it so be bad because it’s so not natural if teenager who still wears a elementry uniforms alreading doing a date. Because to me a reasonable age to establish already doing a relationship is at seventeen years old. When the child can already tell which a good and bad things.
            In adolescence the role of parents is very important to doing a good control for a teens who haven’t a enough age but have started doing a date. They are need a direction from their parents. Because parents give you a direction as well as controling their kids about what should and should not to doing in when dating. After that spiritual moral cutivation is also one of the important things to protect the kid to do not doing something wrong in their friendlines
            Not just a free sex , now already happens the violence in dating , overall we as teenanger were already in a relationship need to make sure our relationship is a good and healty relationship , but if our partner doing somethings wrong , immediatelly disscus with our parents that , althoung soon to found a good solution.