Rabu, 22 Mei 2013

expression of injection (softskill)

Nama : Wiwik Dyah Kurniawati
Kelas  : 3 eb 20
NPM  : 28210569

calls or quiet

(also hoorah, hooray, and hurray, and even huzzah) is an exclamation of triump happiness

variously speiled, is an affirnative or corroborating response

(and the jocular diminutive variation opsie or oopsy and the variant whoops)

is an exclamation of disgust

expresses surprise

often drawn out with additional h's, is all about frustation

signals disguest

is suggestive of a kiss, often implying unctuous or exaggerated affection

(with possible redoubling) communicates laughter or derision

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